There’s nothing like the sudden stop-realize-dread combo to make you wonder whether you’ve forgotten any ultra-essential things to bring to Costa Rica: Panic ensues. You pull out your phone and start scouring the internet. All is lost.

Only, it’s not. Here’s the truest truth: If it’s essential to Costa Rica, we have it here. Because we need it, too! So, don’t panic; almost anything forgotten can be purchased locally. That said, if you’re seeing this any time before you’re sitting at your airplane gate, then do have a read. Because we’ve been there, done that. And we’ve learned what things to pack for Costa Rica.

Things to Bring to Costa Rica (Year-Round)

sunset at Hacienda Pinilla

Rain or shine, beneath the sun or by sunset, here are a few reminders on what to pack for year-round travels to Costa Rica.

There are some things you’ll need year-round, no matter the weather. These are those things.

For the sake of brevity, we’ll leave out the standard packing recommendations. In other words, we won’t recommend you pack shirts or a bathing suit; we’ll assume they’re a given! What we are including are all those other things to bring to Costa Rica – the ones you may not realize you need. Off we go!

Windbreaker or Lightweight Jacket

If you’re going anywhere but the beach – and by that, we mean even a rainforest hike – then we’d recommend packing a long-sleeved, lightweight something. The Costa Rica rule of thumb: As the altitude climbs, temperatures drop. What’s more, even getting wet or sweaty can lead to shivers (thanks to tropical breezes and humidity, which hits different here!).

Dressy Clothing

No, we’re not talking black-tie formal but we do suggest you pack at least an outfit or two for a night on the town. While you won’t find any formal fine dining in Costa Rica, you will find that many people choose to swap out their swimsuit and flip-flops for something a little more formal for an evening out.

Sneakers or Hiking Boots

If you plan to hike anywhere in Costa Rica, pack good footwear. This not only assures you’ll stay comfortable on a long hike – some of the heftier adventures have you on the trail for 4+ hours – but will help protect you from thorny plants, insects, snakes, and other bothers.

Water Shoes

If you’ll be at the beach or plan to hike waterfalls, you may want to consider packing secure, water-safe shoes to help you navigate rocky beaches and rivers.

Waterproof Day Pack or Dry Pack

Again, if you plan to do a little adventuring in Costa Rica, then a waterproof bag (of some sort) should be on your list of things to pack for Costa Rica. If you’re going on a whitewater rafting trip, waterfall rappelling, or some other definitely-going-to-be-wet day trip, then a dry pack is recommended for your phone, wallet, camera, etc.; if you’re just hiking the rainforest, a waterproof day pack will probably cut it.

Long Pants

Speaking of hikes, again – if you’re planning to do some trail hiking, then you should pack at least one pair of comfortable pants as an additional layer of protection from flora and fauna.

Hat, Sun Visor, Etc.

Even if it’s not your everyday style, we’d recommend packing a hat in your bag. Whether it’s a sun hat, a baseball cap, a sun visor, or any other variety, a hat will help keep your head and face protected from the Costa Rican sun. At just 9º north of the equator, it’s strong down here!


See above. Please trust us!

Your Favorite Toiletries

Luxury Villas Hacienda Pinilla supplies upscale toiletries (hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) at your vacation home. That said, if you require specific products, have sensitive skin, or simply don’t want to get by without your favorites, then these are definitely things to bring to Costa Rica, as many products can be hard (or impossible) to source locally.

Reef-Safe Sunblock

We know that “sunblock,” generally, is a given. That said, please consider packing only high-factor, reef-safe sunblock, as these products do not contain ingredients that contribute to coral bleaching.

Insect Repellent

It’s a jungle out there – literally! Depending on your location, you could encounter little to no biting insects. But in the event that you run into them (and, worse, they into you!), it’s much, much better to be prepared.

Water Bottle

Costa Rica’s tap water is potable (except in very, very rural areas where signs state otherwise) and you’ll find ample fill-up stations in many national parks, beaches, and other points throughout the country. Do Mother Nature a favor and pack a refillable bottle!

Travel Surge Protector

We always recommend carrying a travel surge protector for connecting electronics and charging phones. Note that modern Costa Rican construction uses three-pronged Type-B plugs (similar to what you’d find in the U.S.); the standard voltage is 120 V.

Specialty Gear (ex. Birdwatching)

If you have special interests, such as wildlife or birdwatching, then good binoculars, field guides, and other gear should be on your list of things to bring to Costa Rica.

Additional Things to Pack for Costa Rica (Dry Season)

Playa Avellanas Hacienda Pinilla 16 9

The dry season is punctuated by all-day blue skies and gorgeous sunlight. Pack that sunblock!

In addition to the above list, there are a few additional packing items you may want to consider, if you’re traveling to Costa Rica during the dry season (roughly, December-April).

Because, while you probably won’t encounter much rain – unless you’re adding Arenal, the Caribbean, or the rainforest into your travel mix – Costa Rican weather still encourages a few extra provisions.

Lightweight Clothing

If you’re planning on doing anything more than lounging at the beach or pool, you’ll appreciate having lightweight, natural-fiber clothing in your suitcase. If you sweat a lot, you may want to consider adding some quick-dry options to the mix.


No, seriously. We know we already have this on our list above, but we cannot emphasize this enough: Wear sunblock! We are closer to the equator and, therefore, closer to the sun. Pack water-resistant sunblock for land activities and reef-proof sunscreen for ocean adventures.

Additional Things to Bring to Costa Rica (Rainy Season)

Las Chorreras Waterfall at Rincon de la Vieja

Hiking to a waterfall? Visiting during the rainy season? Here are a few extra things to bring to Costa Rica.

Honestly, there’s not much additional to pack for a trip during the rainy season. For the most part, you’ll have lightweight, often beach-ready clothes (ones that can get wet) already packed, so it’s merely a matter of adding a few additional things to pack for Costa Rica.

Rain Jacket

You will get caught in a rainstorm. (It’s part of the fun and experience!) Be prepared and pack a lightweight rain jacket that’ll keep you dry without heating you up. (The humidity is real.)


For reasons already covered, we’d recommend carrying a small umbrella in your day pack, purse, or other bag.

Quick-Dry, Water-Wicking Socks

It’s almost inevitable that your feet will get wet during the rainy season. Fast-drying, water-wicking socks will make your life better on rainy-season hikes and other adventures.

Waterproof Phone Case

Look, we know – we keep talking about water, water, water. But until you’ve found yourself in the middle of a Costa Rican rainstorm, it’s easy to underestimate just how much rain can fall here. Do yourself a favor and protect your smartphone (and any other electronics you’ll carry with you) with a waterproof case and/or dry bag (see above).

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