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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far is Hacienda Pinilla from Tamarindo?

    From the gate of Hacienda Pinilla, the drive to Tamarindo takes roughly 15-20 minutes.

  • How far is it from communities inside Hacienda Pinilla to the beach?

    Some communities in Hacienda Pinilla are right on the water’s edge. The inland communities are about a 5 minute drive to the beach.

  • How far is Hacienda Pinilla from the Liberia airport?

    It takes roughly one hour to get from the gate of Hacienda Pinilla to the Liberia airport.

  • How far to the nearest grocery store?

    There is a market inside of Hacienda Pinilla with a small selection of goods. The nearest large grocery store is about a 10-15 minutes drive.

  • Is it easy to get to surf spots from Hacienda Pinilla?

    There are two surf spots accessible from inside the community. One spot, called little Hawaii, is located directly in front of Hacienda Pinilla’s beach club. The other surf spot, called Cavetown, is also located inside the community but requires a 5 minute drive down a dirt road.

  • How are the Mountain bike trails in Hacienda Pinilla?

    Hacienda Pinilla has over 30km of mountain bike trails. The beautiful trails ride along the coast, cut through forests, and climb hills. They are easily accessible from inside the community.

  • Are Hacienda Pinilla’s beaches private?

    No, but the beaches in front of Hacienda Pinilla are usually empty since the Public does not have direct access to them.

  • How’s the security in Hacienda Pinilla?

    The community of Hacienda Pinilla is surrounded by fencing, visits to the community is regulated, and guards will frequently patrol neighborhoods.

  • What do amenities in Hacienda Pinilla include?

    The amenities in Hacienda Pinilla include; A Beach Club in with a large swimming pool, restaurant, spa, and gym, tennis courts, state of the art golf courses, over 30km of mountain biking trails, an equestrian center offering trail riding, and access to surf spots.

  • Are the beaches swim friendly?

    Yes, however some of Hacienda Pinilla beaches are rocky and are not great for swimming during high tide. During low tide some of the rocky beaches offer beautiful natural tide pools which are great for playing and snorkeling. In front of the beach club, is a beach called Avellanas. When the swell is medium or small, this is a great beach to go for a swim.

  • What is Hacienda Pinilla’s Policy on weddings?

    Hacienda Pinilla allows weddings in all homes in the community. However, not all homes offer enough space for a wedding. Contact our wedding specialists and they will tell you about the best homes for a Hacienda Pinilla Wedding. There are also some other locations like the beach club that can be rented as a wedding venue as well.

  • How far is each neighborhood to the beach?

    Lagos de Palma Real, Avellanas, Golondrinas, and Dulce de Vida are the communities in Hacienda Pinilla that border the beach. Reserva de Golf, Almendros, Malinches, and Las Brisas all require a short 5 minute drive to get to the beach.