Lolas Restaurant Avellanas

We admit it: We’re enthusiastic foodies! And so, we consider it our job (and it’s such a hard job…) to sample and savor our way through our surrounding Playa Avellanas restaurants, located both in and out of Hacienda Pinilla.

This is by no means a comprehensive guide (coming soon?), but here are 11 of our current favorites, some new and some mainstays. As we say in Costa Rica, ¡provecho!

La Esquina de Avellanas

Location: Playa Avellanas

Cuisine: Various (It’s an outdoor food court)

Phone: (+506) 8340-8237 or (​+506) 8829-2598

Brand new to the Playa Avellanas restaurants scene, La Esquina de Avellanas (“the Corner at Avellanas”) is a collection of local shops and restaurants, gathered into one supremely welcoming and cozy locale. This is the kind of place you go, when you want to feel the local vibe and experience something a little different – or when you can’t agree on one restaurant, because you all want something different. You can all get something different, at La Esquina!

La Esquina currently hosts several restaurants, including Koru, a “magical” gelato shop that summons some sort of alchemy to craft lactose-free gelato (similar to ice cream, but even creamier!) that will send your tastebuds into the stratosphere. Another favorite is Pokeviche, where you’ll find some of the most delicious (and photogenic) poke bowls, crafted from ultra-fresh ingredients. Swing on by La Esquina and see what new favorites you order up!

Soulshine Restaurant

Location: Playa Avellanas

Cuisine: Brunch

Phone: (+506) 8801-4221

A boutique restaurant that raises the bar for brunch, Soulshine is run by Israeli expats who serve up one of Playa Avellanas’ favorite brunches. Not only is the food hearty, homemade, and filling, but it’s beautifully presented as well: a feast for your eyes as much as your mouth. And your eyes and mouth will thank you for it!

Order up a little something special with their Rise and Shine bunchy breakfast, which features eggs, a veggie salad, assorted tapas, and homemade bread, or take a bite out of Africa with the restaurant’s Shak-Shoo-Ka (shakshuka): eggs, slow-cooked in Moroccan-style tomato sauce, rounded out with a green salad and homemade challah. Round it out with one of the restaurant’s signature juice/smoothie drinks, or go full brunch with a cocktail, including an apropos Avellanas mule (vodka, lime, and ginger ale).

La Purruja

Location: Playa Avellanas
Cuisine: Costa Rican
Phone: (+506) 8970 9494 and (+506) 8449 4033

La Purruja Playa Avellanas restaurant guide

Located beachfront on Avellanas Beach (next to Lola’s, see below), La Purruja specializes in fresh and delicious eats, inspired by local ingredients and Costa Rican preparations. In addition to their bright and flavorful menu, which includes vegetarian and vegan options, they also serve cold beers, cocktails, and organic ice cream. You could stay here almost all day!

Because there’s something special that happens when you step out of the Pacific and right into La Purruja… It’s comforting and nourishing and wonderful, in almost every way. Dig into comfort food, packed with flavor: fish burgers and homemade pizza, fresh tacos and even fresher ceviche, salad bowls and La Purruja’s signature casado, a Costa Rican dish that pulls together rice, beans, veggies, salad, and your choice of protein (including that aforementioned vegetarian option). Top it off with chips & dip and call it a perfect day!

Da Cália

Location: Playa Avellanas

Cuisine: International

Phone: (+506) 8891-2010 (+506) 8891-5177

Da Calia restaurant Playa Avellanas

A wonderful addition to our Playa Avellanas restaurants guide, especially if you have food allergies, are vegan, or have dietary restrictions, because you know how hard it can be to find a restaurant to accommodate you. And finding a restaurant that can not only accommodate you but accommodate you with upscale, delicious, no-compromises fare? That’s a tall order – unless you happen to dine at Da Cália, where that’s just their everyday promise.

Many of their menu items can be ordered standard or with adjustments – for example, make it gluten-free or keto or vegan (or both!). So, whether you’re craving waffles or pancakes, superfood bowls or tacos, Da Cália likely has an option to suit not only your restrictions but also (and most importantly) your cravings. Pair it with one of their natural fruit juice concoctions, like Watermelon Madness, a delicious blend of fresh watermelon, ginger, mint, honey, and lemon.

Il Rustico

Location: Playa Avellanas

Cuisine: Italian

Phone: (+506) 8302-3217

Il Rustico Playa Avellanas restaurant

Italian food is always such a surprising and perfect balance to beach weather: light but filling fare, paired with crisp greens and crisper wines. And at Il Rustico, you’ll have all that, compliments of the Italian owners, who hail from the central Italian city of Rimini (near Bologna) and brought their grandmothers’ recipes to Costa Rican shores and the rustic restaurant that now houses their restaurant.

The menu at Il Rustico revolves around main options: salads and starters (authentic bruschetta!) and then, your choice of handmade pasta or pizza, paired with wine and spirits. Round out your meal with the Fellinis incredible desserts, including their Italian tiramisu. It’s a true taste of Italy in the heart of Avellanas.

Stay Here: Casa Kenkai

4 Beds | 3 Baths | 8 Guests

Casa Kenkai luxury vacation home in Costa Rica

Brand new and tucked into a beautiful nature preserve, Casa Kenkia is a hidden gem within a hidden gem: a private retreat within the spectacular and exclusive confines of Hacienda Pinilla. (And it’s so very, very close to many of our favorite Playa Avellanas restaurants!)

You’ll love this spacious home for its striking sunset views, especially as seen from your private swimming pool! And in the rainy season (coming soon! approximately May to November), Casa Kenkai’s outdoor lounge becomes the perfect spot to sit with a drink and enjoy the majesty of a Costa Rica lightning show, as it lights up the golf course and landscapes.

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Cactus Restaurant

Location: Hacienda Pinilla

Cuisine: Costa Rican & International

Phone: (+506) 2215-3899

WhatsApp: (+ 506) 6392-6647

Cactus Restaurant Hacienda Pinilla restaurants

There’s more than great food on the menu at Cactus (sometimes called Cactus de Pinilla), where good vibes and big smiles are part of the service. Located within Hacienda Pinilla, this is the kind of place that makes you feel like a part of the family – if your family makes incredible food and rocks a gorgeous, albeit laid-back beach atmosphere, that is!

Unassuming but simultaneously obsessed with great food, Cactus Restaurant has its priorities in the right place: Sure, you can come in your flip-flops and you’re still going to get some of the tastiest Costa Rican cuisine in the area. While it’s all good, we can’t help but recommend you try the arroz con pollo (chicken and rice, very traditional here!) or ossobuco (also a local specialty) with a side of fresh Costa Rican ceviche.

Sabanero Steak House

Location: JW Marriott, Hacienda Pinilla

Cuisine: Steak House

Phone: (+506) 2681-2000

Sabanero Steak House

Located at the JW Marriott in Hacienda Pinilla, Sabanero Steak House is very much what you’d expect of a gourmet steakhouse located at a JW Marriott in tropical Costa Rica: refined surf-and-turf fare, an upscale ambiance, and an emphasis on premium cuts of beef and fresh lobster. In other words, a perfect choice for everything from a special evening to a vacation indulgence.

A must-include on our Playa Avellanas restaurants guide, the steakhouse is named for the sabanero – Costa Rica’s savannah horseman of old, now revered through stories, traditions, and steakhouse fare – and also honors Hacienda Pinilla’s history: Set on 4,500 acres of once ranch land, this community and its past are both honored and preserved through Sabanero’s thoughtful menus and a nod to tradition.

Lola’s Restaurant

Location: Playa Avellanas

Cuisine: Seafood and International

Phone: (+506) 2652-9097

Lola's Restaurant Playa Avellanas

Famous for a reason, beachfront Lola’s invites you to quench your thirst beneath the palms and settle in for a long day in the hammock. More than a restaurant, more even than an Avellanas landmark, Lola’s is a veritable destination unto itself: a front-row seat on the sand, where you can enjoy the Pacific, the breeze, and the view while you sip, savor, and enjoy.

Lola’s is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, although if we had to choose just one, we’d recommend you visit for dinner. The answer is simple: While the beachfront is beautiful any time of day, it’s absolutely spectacular at sunset. Marvel at the beauty while you dine on an eclectic menu that ranges from Mediterranean pitas and fish & chips to grilled mahi-mahi tacos and crispy fried calamari. The cocktails are a fan favorite, too!

Casa Orchidea

6 Beds | 4.5 Baths | 13 Guests

Costa Rica last minute travel at Casa Orchidea vacation rental

Named for Costa Rica’s national flower, the guaria morada (Cattleya skinnier), Casa Orchidea is a Spanish-style mansion within walking distance of a beautiful beach.

Welcome to your own private infinity-edge pool, a breezy terrace and balconies, and a backyard retreat surrounded by a living green privacy fence. Indoors, you’ll walk into a hacienda-style home of wood ceiling beams, a gourmet-ready kitchen, warm textures, and double living rooms – a home where you can spend time together and then fan out into your private spaces.

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Villa Deevena Restaurant

Location: Playa Negra

Cuisine: French and Mediterranean

Phone: (+506) 2653-2328

Villa Deevena Restaurant Playa Avellanas restaurants

Whether you’re planning a special occasion or simply want to enjoy fine dining at the beach, the Chef de Cuisine at Villa Deveena strives to impress (and succeeds.) The French and Mediterranean-inspired menu features fresh ingredients, just-caught seafood, and imported touches to ensure a meal that satisfies your palate and your expectations.

The menu at Villa Deevena is everything you’d expect from a trained French chef – think brie mille feuilles with dried tomatoes and sage, 7-hour slow-roasted pork shoulder with caramelized onions, and duck pâté with black truffles –  but then, it’s also wonderfully Costa Rican, leaning into local ingredients and serving up delicacies including yellowfin tuna poke, ceviche with yucca chips, and a fish of the day.

Avellanas Restaurant (Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club)

Location: Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club

Cuisine: International

Phone: (+506) 2681-4396

Hacienda Pinilla Costa Rica amenities

We couldn’t compile a Playa Avellanas/Hacienda Pinilla restaurant list without mentioning the Beach Club’s own restaurant! Set beachfront on Playa Avellanas, this community favorite delivers everything from ice-cold fruit smoothies, cold beer, and handcrafted cocktails to fresh fish, vegetarian selections, and more.

This is truly the kind of place to spend a day. Take a dip (or several) in the oceanfront resort pool. Mosey up to the bar for a refreshing drink. And order a snack, a meal, or a dessert to fuel your day and your vacation dreams. Make sure to stay for the sunset! It crashes down onto the Pacific every night, spreading its fiery reds and oranges, exotic pinks and purples far and wide.

Night Market (Sundays)

Location: Playa Negra @ Mutante Skate Ranch

Cuisine: Various (market with several vendors)

Phone: (+506) 8931-8054

Whether you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone or just try a little something different, the Night Market (only on Sundays) at the Mutante Skate Ranch might fit the bill. Be forewarned: This is not your polished, upscale market – there’s more of a food truck or street food vibe here, but it can be a lot of fun!

This is where teens, twenty-somethings, and anyone who loves live music and great value (for good food) go on a Sunday night: In addition to DJs and skaters (who often put on a show), you’ll be treated to string lights, good conversation, and plenty of food vendors to fill your belly and your memories.

Looking for More Playa Avellanas Restaurants?

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