The holidays are fast approaching!  The days have gotten shorter and it’s almost time to set the clocks back an hour.  If you haven’t booked your year-end holiday Hacienda Pinilla vacation rental yet, it’s time to do so immediately. 

We offer a variety of luxury villa rentals at Hacienda Pinilla within the pristine gated community.  Single families, extended families, and groups of friends large or small will all find the perfect holiday home away from home.  Following, listed from largest to smallest, are our five featured favorite holiday properties and what makes them unique. 

Hacienda Pinilla vacation rental

Villa Tranquila 

Hacienda Pinilla vacation rental

8 bed, 10 bath mini-resort property for up to 24 guests

Villa Tranquila is the perfect Hacienda Pinilla vacation rental property for events, parties, retreats and gatherings.  Whether your group is family or friends, whether you’re focused on a holiday or are celebrating something unique to you like a wedding or birthday, there is no better choice for you.  The property’s secluded location makes it one of the few places where you can celebrate in the way you want for as long as you want without bothering the neighbors. 

Each of Villa Tranquila’s 8 suites is completely independent with its own bath, central air conditioning system, spacious sitting area and private veranda.  The two-story common area includes a kitchen and dining area on the first level, a bar with a small kitchen and lounge on the second level, and spacious outdoor terraces on both.  Villa Tranquila’s tropical garden with its swimming pool and sun terrace is perfect for your holiday events and year-end parties.  

Another thing that sets Villa Tranquila apart from the rest is that your vacation package is completely customizable.  The full-time staff provides housekeeping and daily meal preparation. Breakfast is a given at Villa Tranquila, but if you’d like lunches and/or dinners prepared in the dining area, the staff will do the shopping and the cooking for you.  The home’s owners are nearby, and make themselves available to assist you with any needs that arise or special requests you wish to make. No other vacation rental offers you this level of luxury and complete relaxation during the holidays.  

If you’re traveling with a large group and you want only the best, Villa Tranquila is for you. 


The Island House 

Hacienda Pinilla vacation rental

4 bed, 4 bath home for up to 14 guests

The Island House is not on an island, but it does contain one.  The uniquely-designed private pool at The Island House is combined with the home’s outdoor living area in a way that will be unforgettable.  Outside the sliding glass doors that comprise the home’s back wall is a swimming pool with an island sitting area. Step from the home to the patio and onto the island, then sink into a comfortable couch and let all your worries on the mainland!

This villa is our top pick for extended family vacations in families where there are no babies or toddlers.  The pool island is a short step from the deck (grandpa will be fine) over shallow water, but we recommend that everyone in the family has taken a few swimming lessons before you book The Island House.  

The house is new and has that fantastic modern combination of deliberate rustic charm balanced with sleek minimalism.  The other favorite thing about The Island House is the unique open-roofed but completely private showers. Never taken a shower under the stars that peek through jungle leaves?  You’ll soon cross off the list. The Island House incorporates nature into its design is simple and unforgettable ways.  

If your family is looking for a unique holiday experience in complete modern luxury, The Island House is the one you want.


Casa Orchidea

6 bed, 4.5 bath manor house for up to 13 guests


Casa Orchidea is a unique hacienda-style manor house with old-school charm that feels just right during the holidays.  Expansive common areas upstairs, downstairs and outside make Casa Orchidea and its private gardens the perfect Hacienda Pinilla vacation rental for families or groups of friends that want to maximize their time together.  

At Casa Orchidea you’ll enjoy the beauty of the combination of natural wood, Spanish-style tile, rich color, eclectic artwork and a beautiful jungle garden with a private pool behind the villa. Children can safely enjoy Casa Orchidea, and the home includes first-floor bedrooms and bathrooms so that if your party includes individuals who can’t navigate a stairway, they can enjoy Hacienda Pinilla holidays all the same.

Casa Orchidea is our top pick for groups and families that love the warmth and charm of a tropical manor house with lots of common spaces. 


Casa Palma 

3 bed, 3 bath home for up to 10 guests


Casa Palma is our top Hacienda Pinilla vacation rental home for the holidays for single families or small groups of friends.  The compact design of this luxury villa is what makes is special and the perfect choice for the holidays.  

Casa Palma is laid out around the pool, so sun and water-loving families are going to be in seventh heaven here.  Meals can be prepared inside or outside at Casa Palma, as the house offers a completely equipped kitchen and a poolside barbeque area and plenty of room at the table.  Surrounding the pool, a tile sun patio is furnished with cushioned loungers and a swinging daybed.  

This is the perfect mid-sized vacation choice.  Youngsters can enjoy the pool while adults in any room in the house keep watch through sliding doors.  If your group is small enough to fit comfortably into a three-bedroom home for the holidays, Casa Palmas offers all of the elements that will get 2020 off to an unforgettable start.


Villa Mansita 

2 bedroom, 2.5 bath luxury condo for up to 6 guests


Villa Mansita is our favorite small year-end choice for couples with one or two children, siblings or close friends who want to vacation together, or couples who want to bring grandma.  Villa Mansita spares no luxury and offers a more intimate holiday experience than a larger vacation rental or a hotel.  

Villa Mansita is close to the beach which makes it a favorite.   The complex features a beautiful resort pool, and guests at Villa Mansita, like all guests inside of Hacienda Pinilla, have access to the beautiful beach club in front of a local favorite surf spot.  

These are our five top year-end holiday picks, but we have dozens more for you to look into after you decide which one of these is closest to what you’re looking for.  Contact us now and let’s talk about options!