Playa Mansita at Hacienda Pinilla

Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica is an unmatched luxury vacation experience. But not all Pinilla vacation rental companies are created equal. So, let’s set some expectations.

Located on Costa Rica’s Gold Coast, lined by pristine beaches, and home to some of the best community amenities in the country, Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica is an unequaled 5-star experience.

But what does that mean? And what does it require of your vacation rental company? Here’s what you should know – and expect – from your Hacienda Pinilla vacation experience:

Quality of Service

Lolas Restaurant Playa Avellanas

True luxury resides in quality of service – in attention to detail, unwavering insistence on high standards, and dedication to you, our guests.

In an era when anyone can buy extravagance, true luxury comes down to superior service. And that begins with your Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica vacation rental company – your contact and entrée to this exclusive oceanfront community.

At Luxury Villas Pinilla, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. And while everyone says that, we follow through: We have great communication. We check in and check up. We not only attend to your requests, but offer a full range of vacation amenities, services, and options, from private chefs and in-villa spa services to private tours and sailboat charters. All you need do is ask.

Hand-Curated Vacation Rentals

A home list too short or too long is a warning sign at any vacation rental company: They are either unestablished (or don’t have a strong reputation) or they do maintain strict standards for the homes they represent.

At Luxury Villas Pinilla, we hand-curate our list of available rental homes, choosing only those that offer best-in-class accommodations and amenities for their price range. This means that we represent the full gamut of offerings within Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica, while curating a list of the best options – from cozy two-bedroom condos to almost palatial nine-bedroom villas, from upscale homes to all-out luxury rentals with full staffs – to match our guests’ exacting standards and vacation needs.

Best-in-Class Amenities

For decades, Hacienda Pinilla’s amenities have truly served as the standard for Costa Rican luxury communities. Nowhere has better foresight and here, attention to detail is paramount.

Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica is home to 4,500 acres of tropical dry forest, sparkling Pacific coastline, and rolling ranch land – a protected piece of Costa Rica’s natural wonder and cultural heritage.

It’s also your gateway to an unforgettable vacation experience in Costa Rica. From signature sunsets and par-72 golf to world-class surf and oceanfront dining, Hacienda Pinilla elevates and makes special your Costa Rica vacation experience:

Oceanfront Beach Club

Where ranch meets sea, the Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club offers a beachfront infinity pool, international restaurant, and ocean-view fitness center. It is undoubtedly the crown jewel in the cap of Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica, located beachfront on Playa Avellanas.

72-Par Championship Golf Course

Designed around the community’s biodiversity and natural terrain, the Mike Young-designed, 18-hole golf course at Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica is both world-class and completely Costa Rican, with coyote crossings and the occasional crock on the green.

Tennis Courts

Beneath the shade of towering royal palms, Hacienda Pinilla’s courts are the perfect place to practice your swing and meet up for a match. Want to get serious? The community’s tennis pro gives lessons, clinics, and more!

Hiking & Biking Trails

You don’t even have to leave the community to hit the trails. Located within Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica, this warren of hiking and biking trails climbs through scenic routes, over natural challenges, and along rigorous tracks, summiting to scenic views.

Pristine Beaches

Hacienda Pinilla is home to three sun-drenched beaches: Playa Avellanas, Playa Langosta, and Playa Mansita. They’re some of the most beautiful and cleanest on our coast!

Learn more about Hacienda Pinilla’s amenities.

Spotlight on: Casa Bonita Beach

6 Beds | 6 Baths | 19 Guests

Casa Bonita Beach Tamarindo vacation rental with waterslide

Casa Bonita Beach delivers a 5-star experience through you-can-only-have-them-here amenities

Located just 600 yards to a secluded beach, which itself is accessible only by Hacienda Pinilla guests, Casa Bonita Beach has the ambiance of an elite beach house, the touch of a modern designer, and the personality of your favorite fun uncle.

For here, surrounded by sleek lines and calming colors, custom details and expansive glass, you’ll also enjoy a shaded outdoor living-dining area, grill, sun terrace, and a  spectacular private pool, complete with a waterfall and waterslide. Yes, we said waterslide! Because sometimes, those 5-star touches reside in the you-can-only-find-them-here amenities.

Of course, when you stay at Pinilla, Costa Rica, your stay includes exclusive access to the community’s upscale amenities, including the luxurious Hacienda Pinilla Beach Club (oceanfront infinity pool, international restaurant, fitness center, and more), a championship golf course, tennis courts and horse stables, hiking and biking trails, and more.

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Dedicated and Complimentary Concierge Services

Complimentary, expert concierge services are a keystone of our 5-star service promise at Luxury Villas Pinilla.

Our friendly concierge is an open book – a guidebook, specifically. She knows Costa Rica and Hacienda Pinilla intimately but, even more importantly, she keeps completely current with all the options.

She stays in touch with private chefs (and only works with those who meet our high standards). She regularly checks in with Sailboat A, Sailboat B, and Sailboat C, to understand what sets each apart, meet their captains and deck crew, and confirm safety protocols. She knows which tours have the savviest naturalist guides, the best lunch stops, and the best rapport with kids.

And she gets to know you this well, too. Because, that’s her true job: to understand you, your needs, and your wish list – and then, to map them to Hacienda Pinilla and Tamarindo’s offerings. Along the way, she’ll also work behind the scenes to avoid problems, add special touches, and ensure that this vacation is everything you expect.

Almost more importantly, once you’re here, you’ll have an in-country advocate, whenever you need her. Locked yourself out? Lost in your rental car? Forgot your passport on a tour? We’re here to help, always.

Spotlight on: Casa Guayacan

4 Beds | 4 Baths | 11 Guests

Casa Guayacan health retreat venue in Costa Rica

Located steps to a quiet beachfront, Casa Guayacan blends modern design and tropical details for a best-in-class Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica experience

Surrounded by rare tropical dry forest and bordering Hacienda Pinilla’s golf course, Casa Guayacan is the kind of place where you can relax, enjoy, and wander,  often without seeing another soul.

For here, you’re just a quick morning stroll to the pristine beach. You’re overlooking an evergreen, championship golf course. You’re minutes to Hacienda Pinilla’s many amenities. And yet, you’re in your own world: an almost secret retreat, where your luxury experience extends to a private infinity pool and indoor-outdoor living, walls of glass and a calming color palette, enormous bedrooms and master suites with private outdoor access.

Casa Guayacan adds an additional star to its service cap with a “house mom,” who provides housekeeping, does the laundry, and prepares your daily (except Sundays and holidays) breakfast, lunch, and cocktails. And, of course, as guests, you’ll also have exclusive access to Hacienda Pinilla’s many amenities, from the spectacular Beach Club and golf course to the trails, tennis courts, and horse stables.

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Reserve Your 5-Star Experience at Hacienda Pinilla, Costa Rica

Experience the difference between merely extravagant and true luxury – the importance of being on a first-name basis with an expert concierge, the alchemy of stating a need and having it almost magically appear, and the effects of hand-curated, tailored, and exclusive services.

Reserve your Hacienda Pinilla vacation home with us and you gain access to our full concierge services. When you book, we’ll get in touch to help you plan all the details of your stay. Whether you just need help arranging transportation or would like a full itinerary – everything from your airport shuttle to a full trip’s worth of activities, private chef services, and golf cart rental – we’re happy to help.

Even better, our concierge services are always free. So, why wait? Get in touch and let’s get started!