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Planning your 2020/2021 New Year’s getaway? We have six incredible Hacienda Pinilla rentals to consider.

A Costa Rican New Year’s is an extraordinary time: Sun. Sand. Fire dancers. Warmth. Fireworks. Celebration.

New Year’s at Hacienda Pinilla is even better. From multi-course wine dinners and parties on the sun deck, dinners at the JW Marriott and our annual New Year’s Dinner at the Beach Club, Hacienda Pinilla always embraces the coming year with live music, toasts, dinner, and plenty of celebration.

And, there’s no better place to experience it all, than at one of our Hacienda Pinilla rentals – at your own luxury villa, home, or condo. Surrounded by the exclusive amenities of Pinilla, a short golf-cart ride to the community’s New Year’s festivities, and with all the space you’ll need to host your own private celebrations, these homes offer the perfect backdrop to welcome the new year.

Of course, everyone desires luxury. Exclusivity. Something special. So, while we don’t have any homes available for New Year’s 2019/2020, it’s already the perfect time to book the property-of-your-dreams for New Year’s 2020/2021.

With that in mind, here are a few Hacienda Pinilla rentals to wow your new year:

  1. Casa de los Monos

4 Beds | 4.5 Baths | 11 Guests

Casa de los Monos Hacienda Pinilla rentals-min

Simplicity. Lighting. Glass. This is the promise of Casa de los Monos, where high design blends with the comfort of home – with oversized glass doors and abundant sunlight, private gardens and ample gathering spaces. You’ll spend hours on the terrace, grilling up a feast, and lounging by the pool – enjoying a languid Costa Rican New Year’s, as only Hacienda Pinilla can deliver.

New Year’s Cred: The outdoor spaces at Casa de los Monos are New Year’s central: a private pool, shaded patio, and walls of glass to blur indoors with out. If you’re seeking supreme privacy – lush gardens, tropical blooms, and a ceiling of sunsets – then you’ll love the quieter take on New Year’s that this home delivers.

  1. Casa Bonita Beach

5 Beds | 6 Baths | 14 Guests

Casa Bonita Beach Hacienda Pinilla-min

A new home and recent addition to our Hacienda Pinilla rentals, Casa Bonita Beach is a sleek and modern home, located just 600 yards to the sand. The home itself is lovely but, what makes this an easy choice for festive homes is the outdoor space – your official invitation to enjoy a holiday in the tropics.

New Year’s Cred: If you’re spending New Year’s in Costa Rica, then you know it’s going to be tropical. And, what better nod to a tropical holiday, than a home that celebrates indoor/outdoor living with a shady terrace, outdoor wine refrigerator, grass grill, and lounge seating. We could easily countdown to 2021 from riiiight here. And, did we mention – a private waterslide?

  1. Crystal Sands #104

3 Beds | 3 Baths | 12 Guests

Crystal Sands New Years Costa Rica-min

Amazing views come at a price – right?

Well, yes. But sometimes, that price is not what you think. Enter Crystal Sands #104, one of our most affordable Hacienda Pinilla rentals – even though it’s oceanfront on Playa Langosta and home to some of our favorite views. Not to mention, as a ground-floor home, the beach is literal steps away.

New Year’s Cred: We can think of no greater bang for your buck than an oceanfront location, an expansive private terrace, and a superb resort pool deck. Well, except the beachy, front-row seat this home grants you to witness fireworks and festivities, not to mention the final sunset of 2020 and the first sunset of 2021.

  1. Casa Orchidea

6 Beds | 4.5 Baths | 13 Guests

Casa Orchidea at Hacienda Pinilla-min

Casa Orchidea is a Spanish-style mansion that ticks every box: Private infinity pool. Balconies. Wet bar. Gourmet kitchen. Streaming sunlight. Expansive terraces. It’s the complete vacation-in-paradise package, and we haven’t even mentioned (yet) that the home’s onsite staff with prepare your breakfast every day, except Sundays and holidays.

New Year’s Cred: Privacy, privacy, privacy! If you’re looking for a home to host a sedate, yet festive New Year’s celebration with family and friends, then Casa Orchidea fits the bill. With a natural garden hedge that creates a privacy wall around the property, this home promises a quiet and secluded New Year’s celebration enjoyed outdoors. It’s just you and Costa Rica, here to ring in 2021.

  1. Casa Hamacas

6 Beds | 6 Baths | 17 Guests

Casa Hamacas entertainment vacation rental-min

Infused with the energy of the sea, Casa Hamacas is the kind of place that bids you relax and enjoy the hammocks. That is the genesis of the name, naturally: Hamacasaccent the dreamy hammock garden, which surrounds this private paradise of sleek lines, gentle lighting, and decadent luxury.

New Year’s Cred: The words “dreamy hammock garden” may have already sealed the deal, but it’s the full setting that really makes Casa Hamacas a favorite for celebrations: tropical grounds – home to parrots and butterflies and hummingbirds – and an expansive outdoor entertainment, including dining, grilling, and one of our favorite roofed patios in the country. Deal, sealed. See you in 2021!

  1. Casa Costa Blanca

7 Beds | 7 Baths | 24 Guests

Casa Costa Blanca beachfront Hacienda Pinilla rental-min

When your nearest and dearest gather all together – but don’t want to gather on top of each other! – Casa Costa Blanca delivers a luxury beachfront estate with ample room for all your guests. Infused with the energy of the sea and inspired by sweeping panoramas, this oceanfront home is one of our most exclusive and celebration-friendly Hacienda Pinilla rentals.

New Year’s Cred: We mean… Everything? If you’re going to splash out on the perfect New Year’s rental, this could be it: You’re right on the beach (and near the fireworks). You have a custom infinity pool. Celebrations are spent outside, at your shaded barbecue rancho. The terraces sweep seaward. It’s just the complete entertainment package.

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